Will Kızılyürek resign or retire?

Speculation has risen regarding the educational future of Niyazi Kızılyürek, who was recently elected to the European Parliament. Currently Kızılyürek is on an unpaid time off, which he recently stated that he does not approve.

The Alithia newspaper have speculated on the legal necessities of the subject with their news piece titled – “Resignation or Retirement?”.

The newspaper is writing that according to Republic of Cyprus Chief Prosecutor Kostas Kliridis, the 70th Article of the constitution of the Republic of Cyprus creates an incoherency due to Kızılyürek currently still maintaining his position at the University of Cyprus.

On the other hand, the newspaper has stated that there is no such incoherency, that with Kızılyürek being elected as a Member of the European Parliament he must retire and not just take an unpaid time off. The newspaper is writing that according to the Republic of Cyprus Supreme Committee of Elections President there is no incoherency, that his election to the parliament is an automatic retirement from his position at the University of Cyprus.

This subject remains as part of the agenda at the south of Cyprus with Kızılyürek also giving a statement via social media, saying that this subject point is very unfortunate, that he was not informed regarding the views of the Chief Prosecutor or any other position.



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