‘What Kind of Future Does Anastasiadis Foresee in Cyprus?’

In his talk broadcasted at the BRT channel on the 20th of July, Mustafa Akıncı stated that he will be meeting with Republic of Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiadis very soon and that he expects openness from Anastasiadis.

He continued in this way:

“Additionally, we will meet with Greek Leader Mr. Anastasiadis, as soon as he recovers from his unfortunate accident. In the letter I wrote to the United Nations General Secretary, I requested that he take upon 5 unofficial meetings. Turkeys expectations are also for such meetings to take place as soon as possible.

We all want openness from the Greek leader. We see that, at this point, the members of the Greek society are also wishing for this. What does the Greek leader want? What is his goal? What kind of future does he foresee for Cyprus? The period of different sayings in different atmospheres must end. Turbidity has been created due to saying sometimes confederation behind closed doors where both governments are there, sometimes soft federation, some other day decentralized federation, after that Presidential system, or in its place a parliament system, alternating presidency, or in its place alternating vice-presidency. How long will the staggers of the Greek leadership continue in the face of our stable stance? The Greek side must finally decide. Will they accept a solution consisting of the equality of the population, where they live with security and freedom and at the same time, they share authority and riches? Or will they register permanently the division of the island? All these things must be brought to light at the 5 unofficial meetings we have requested from Mr. Guterres”.


Mustafa Akıncı who pointed out that as a population which understood what war is by living it, they have outdistanced themselves from the days of conflict in our area, and the hooligan missiles which have fallen to our soul also had the following to say – “We want Peace, Justice, Progress and Prosperity. Not only for us, but for our island and all the local communities in the area”.

Mustafa Akıncı who stated that they will continue with all their power for establishment of Peace, also added to his words by saying that the principle of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk of “Peace in The Country, Peace in The World” will continue to be their most important principle.


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