‘We are here too’ – unimpeded football match

The Republican Council team which is formed of members of parliament and the Social Services Agency played an unimpeded football match with kids who have special requirements who are being treated at the Kyrenia, Güneşköy and Famagusta 18+ year old’s Rehabilitation Center.

According to the statement given by the ministry of labor and social security, the matchup that took place at the Atilla Topaloğlu stadium, which was played within the scope of 10-16 May Disabled week featured a lot of colorful moments. The two teams’ players entered the match with the slogan of: “There are no disabilities for sharing life”. The match included a lot of enjoyable minutes.

The match was specifically organized to bring attention to what kids with special requirements can do if given the chance. To create further awareness the kids showed their passion towards sports by saying “We are here too”. The game was won by the kids with special requirements with the score of 6-5.

At the end of the event, the Kyrenia, Güneşköy and Famagusta Irfan Nadir 18+ year old’s Rehabilitation Center was presented with a cup.

After the match a kite festival was held for kids with special requirements. The chairman of the ministry of labor and social security Zeki Çeler shared the children’s enthusiasm by flying kites with them.


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