Voice following this weeks discussions at European Parliament

Your Voice of the Island is once again following closely for you the subjects which will be/were discussed between the 21st and 24th of October at the European Parliament.

The subjects which will be discussed/were discussed this week:

End-of-term assessment for the Juncker Commission – MEPs will take stock of the work done by the Juncker Commission during its mandate on Tuesday morning.

MEPs to debate results of October EU summit – This morning, MEPs will take stock of the outcome of the 17-18 October meeting of EU heads of state or government.

EU investment budget for 2020: a bridge to the future Europe – Parliament will adopt its position on next year’s EU budget on Wednesday, focusing on climate change, youth unemployment, Erasmus, migration and external policies.

Debate and vote on Turkish military operation in north-east Syria – MEPs will discuss the Turkish military operation in north-east Syria and its consequences on Wednesday morning. A resolution will be put to the vote on Thursday.

Parliament to discuss EU accession prospects for Albania and North Macedonia – On Wednesday afternoon, MEPs are set to reiterate their support for opening accession talks with the two Western Balkan countries.

Rescue of asylum seekers at sea: MEPs demand a system based on solidarity – The EU and its member states must ensure search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean are managed swiftly; MEPs are set to say on Thursday.

Plans to keep EU funding for UK beneficiaries until end 2020 in no-deal Brexit – UK researchers, students and farmers would continue to get EU support in the event of a no-deal Brexit, under provisions to be put to the vote today.

Financial support for EU workers who would lose their jobs in a no-deal Brexit – MEPs are set to approve changes to the European Globalization Adjustment Fund to include support for workers affected by a no-deal Brexit, in a vote today.

Thomas Cook: how to help tourists, companies and SMEs impacted by bankruptcy – MEPs are set to push for EU plans and funds to mitigate the economic knock-on effects on tourism, air and road transport of the Thomas Cook bankruptcy.

MEPs debated the dangers of violent right-wing extremism – Following the recent terror attack outside a synagogue in eastern Germany, MEPs discussed violent right-wing extremism in a plenary debate on Monday.

Get multinationals to disclose where they pay taxes, MEPs to tell member states – MEPs will discuss stalled legislation obliging multinationals to disclose what taxes they pay in each country today and will adopt a resolution on Thursday.

MEPs set to refuse discharge for Council’s budget – The Council’s and European Asylum Support Office’s (EASO) accounts are likely to not be approved by MEPs, in separate votes on Wednesday.

MEPs debate climate and ecological emergency – Parliament will discuss the ongoing climate and biodiversity crisis with Council and Commission on Wednesday afternoon.

MEPs debate how EU money was spent in 2018 – Parliament will debate with EU Court of Auditors president Klaus-Heiner Lehne and Budget commissioner Günther Oettinger on Wednesday how EU money was spent in 2018.

MEPs to denounce member states’ move to weaken bee protection from pesticides – MEPs could send the Commission back to the drawing board in a vote on Thursday, after member states watered down draft measures to protect bees.

Human rights and democracy resolutions – Parliament will hold urgent debates on the following human rights, democracy and rule of law topics on Thursday 24 October, at around 10.00, with the votes following at 12.00.

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