UCLan Cyprus Law School & ICLAIM to organize bi-communal social mediation workshops

The UCLan Cyprus Law School & ICLAIM will be organizing a set of bi-communal social mediation workshops with the aim of addressing ongoing conflicts on the island of Cyprus. Translation to Greek / Turkish will be provided upon request.

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The Law School of UCLAN Cyprus and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law, Alternative and Innovative Methods (ICLAIM) are happy to announce their new project on social mediation, which is supported by the British High Commission in Cyprus. Mediation is a tool that revisits and repairs the social infrastructure of communities for purposes of preventing or addressing ongoing conflicts resulting from social forms of prejudice, such as racism and xenophobia. Social mediation establishes a setting wherein parties come together to identify, conceptualize and tackle the underlying causes of conflict for purposes of ensuring peaceful coexistence. The process is facilitated by a social mediator. This methodology has been widely used in a diversity of societal contexts, ranging from Northern Ireland to France. The project will work with communities, young people, stakeholders, civil society and professionals in Cyprus to promote social mediation as a tool to tackle communal conflicts.


There will be a set of four bi-communal workshops on social mediation. The workshops are all exactly the same, so please only register for the one which is most convenient to you!

9-10 November 2019 at the Deryneia Garage, Deryneia

30 Nov. – 1 Dec. 2019 at the Home for Cooperation, Nicosia

25-26 January 2020 at the Home for Cooperation, Nicosia

22-23 February 2020 at the UCLan Cyprus Campus

To participate, please send your full name, title and affiliation (if applicable) to [email protected] or call on 24 694028.

Translation into Greek and/or Turkish will be provided upon request.


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