“Turkey can continue its own drilling work in its own continental shelf”

The foreign minister of Turkey Mevlüt Tsavusoglu has said that they will continue to defend the rights of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot community in the eastern Mediterranean until the very end.

After Tsavusoglu accepted the Head of the European Affairs Commission of the Romanian House of Representatives Angel Tilvar, he responded to reporters’ questions at the European Union presidency.


After reminding that Turkey had received criticism for preparations for drilling work in the eastern Mediterranean, he added by saying that the P5 and European Union member states were invited to the foreign ministry and were informed. Tsavusoglu said that: “Everyone has seen the truth. Turkey can continue its own drilling work its own continental shelf”.

While adding that Turkey will continue drilling work in the areas licensed by the north of Cyprus, he also noted the following:

“Just because there has been a declaration of an economic zone which we have not accepted nor are a part of, by whatever country, it does not mean that it is valid. If we have not expressed acceptance or are a part of it, none of these types of statement receive acceptance. For us it is not acceptable. On the other hand, Turkey has saved its continental shelf to the UN. At the same time, we will continue our work in the areas licensed by the TRNC”.

Tsavusoglu also pointed out that despite the warnings from the EU or other international communities, the Republic of Cyprus continues to do drilling work without guaranteeing the rights of the Turkish Cypriot community.

Tsavusoglu said that: “The problem is right here. This problem must be solved. Instead of discourse that is being done towards Turkey the problem must be solved completely. In this way all the reserves around the island of Cyprus can be evaluated and through Turkey they can be passed on to the international markets. Instead of moving forward with this type of rationality, then we will continue to do what we must, have done and what we are doing”.


Tsavusoglu, after being asked regarding the meeting between the foreign ministers of the Republic of Cyprus and Azerbaijan, said that there are no problems with this. Tsavusoglu said that “In international relations everyone meets with everyone”. He also noted that he has met with Azerbaijan’s and Armenia’s foreign ministers regarding the invaded land.

Pointing out the importance of Azerbaijan’s approach towards the Cypriot problem Tsavusoglu said the following: “Sometimes I contact Greek leader (Nikos) Anastasiadis personally regarding the Cypriot problem. We met with AKELs general secretary when he came to Turkey. What is important here is the approach of Azerbaijan regarding the Cypriot problem. Azerbaijan has always been by our side. We have no doubts about this”.


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