They put the employee in an ineffective state and robbed the jewelry store!

Two male suspects (who are yet to be identified) entered a jewelry store in Kyrenia and robbed it after making the female employee ineffective and left the crime scene.

The camera/video footage was dispersed to the media by the police of the event which occurred this morning around the hours of 10:40 in a jewelry store named Senak which is operating at the Deniz Sokak street in Kyrenia. The police have requested that people that see the robbers inform the nearest police station in order to help the police.

The police have also reported that the investigation for the event is ongoing.

Jewelry store robbery: two people are wanted

The police by sharing pictures of the two male suspects of the jewelry store announced that they are wanted.

The announcement is as follows:

“The two male suspects who were involved in this morning’s (10:40) jewelry store robbery in Kyrenia are being searched for”.



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