“There will also possibly be a 3-partied meeting”

Mustafa Akıncı gave very important statements regarding the Cyprus Problem at the Alsancak Sea Festival he attended last night.

Akıncı stated that the Special Advisor to the UN General Secretary, Lute, will come to the island early September and that she will be involved in meetings. Furthermore, he explained that towards late September, UN General Secretary Guterres, will meet with the Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders respectively and stated that “there will also possibly be a 3-partied meeting”.

He continued by explaining that their entire aim is to leave an island in which the youth do not have to experience the same things that the previous generation experienced. Furthermore, he reiterated that one other aim is for Turkish Cypriots to have equal political rights to Greek Cypriots and that Greek Cypriots were not the only ones with the rights to the island and with the right to form an administration on the island.

Akıncı explained that there are 3 things that form the foundation of the things that Turkish Cypriots want. The first being that Turkish Cypriots want to reside on the island without the domination of anyone else and in a free manner. The second want is for there to be political equality and Akıncı brought up that the Republic of Cyprus is trying to come up with certain suggestions one being decentralization. Akıncı explained that they have supported this idea for years and that they would be willing to go through with it but that the most important part of such an agreement would be on how decisions will be taken. The final want of Turkish Cypriots is for the people on the island to live in a secure and peaceful manner and that this was not only something that they were asking for themselves but also for all the population that is and will reside on the island including Greek Cypriots.

Akıncı finished off by saying that whatever solution occurs in the future, it must include these three main factors.


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