The relatives of the 2 victims of the Serial Killer are filing suit

The relatives of the two of the seven victims of the serial killer “RMMO” Lieutenant Nikos Metaksas are suing the Republic of Cyprus police and the serial killer himself.


According to the news in Alithia, the partner of Livias-Florentinas and the father of Natqalis Bunea, will file suit via lawyer Yannis Yoannu today at the Nicosia Republic of Cyprus District Court. The Claimants are demanding compensation for the lackluster search done by the Republic of Cyprus police and for a process to begin regarding the police officers who did not complete their duty fully and for the loss of family.

In addition to this the newspaper wrote that possible aims have been identified for research in the range of 500 at the Memi lake to find 6-year-old Sierra who is one of the victims of Metaksas.

According to the news, divers will enter the lake which contains heavy metals if need be. To determine weather or not it is safe for the surroundings and the environment to drain the lake, a sample was sent to the chemical laboratory. The results are expected in 72 hours.


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