Tatar: Greek Cypriots are not the only owners of this island

Ersin Tatar sent messages regarding the Cypriot problem and especially regarding the experiences in the Eastern Mediterranean. Tatar said that, “This is a very important geography and Greek Cypriots are not the only owners of this island”.

“This is an important geography and it is said that it contains massive riches. Greek Cypriots are not the only owners of this island. There are two separate and equal communities. We have declared our own independence in the north. We have agreements with Turkey and the research from the Fatih and Yavuz ships is very important for us. Turkey, with its population of 80 million, is one of the strongest countries in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is in an important position and we must protect this position” said Ersin Tatar.

Tatar who said that, “We will not allow anyone to create dissension to our unity and togetherness. The attitude of the EU mechanisms are one of Cyprus being part of the EU and in the case where there is a federal agreement Turkey has no place here and they must take her soldiers and leave”, also said that Turkish Cypriots will not fall for such games and that the main thing was Turkey.


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