Statement from Erdoğan regarding the Eastern Mediterranean

In a talk he gave after the Friday prayer Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called to the people of Istanbul who left the city for holidays and said: “It is extremely vital to return for the elections”.


Erdoğan had the following to say regarding the soon to be renewed Istanbul elections:

“In my opinion it is vital for our citizens who left Istanbul and our compatriots from Istanbul to return for the elections because it is extremely important for our compatriots to complete their democratic duty.

Our MP friends are continuing their work in a busy manner outside of Istanbul. They are working to bring back our citizens from neighboring provinces to Istanbul. Our voters will complete their duties in the ballots in Istanbul. It is important to bring the voter who doesn’t come to the ballots as close to them as possible”.


Erdoğan touched upon the tensions regarding the drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean and said the following:

“We are currently determined to protect the rights of our Turkish Cypriot brethren and Turkish cognates in the exclusive economic areas. Due to this our newly brought drilling ships and the ships in the research area are moving towards the area. They have work to do as well. In their protection area again the frigates for our armed forces are also all there.

In the interest which will come out once in the area, either in this petrol area or another area, our cognates in the north of Cyprus have the same rights as the south of Cyprus as per the international law. No offence but we will not leave these rights to those who have no relation to them”.


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