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Sports is beyond Politics

Speaking to the Voice of the Island legendary football player Didier Drogba of Ivory Coast pointed out the unitary power of sports.

Attending to the friendly match between Magusa Turk Gucu and Nea Salamina and making the first ball kick Drogba talked to the Voice of the Island after the match.

‘’Sports unites people.’’

Remarking on importance of the friendly match Drogba expressed that such friendly matches bring a lot of opportunities along in regards to the power of sports.

Speaking on the unitary power of sports legendary football player Drogba said that, ‘’When you are talking over sports you are mentioning different values. Hope, cooperation, harmony and synergy are included in these values.’’

Sharing his thoughts on this match is a step and a beginning Drogba stated that people talking to each other much more and conducting more constructive and cosy arguments and this is a significant thing to achieve.

Executing Vice Presidency of Peace and Sports since 2018 which was contributed to finalize the civil war ranging in Ivory Coast, his homeland, and which is an organization was organized this friendly match in Pile, Drogba expressed that he wishes to support peace through sports and to share his experiences with the organization.


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