Özersay and Anastasiadis met, Akıncı was not informed

Spokesperson Barış Burcu gave a statement confirming that Kudret Özersay met with Nikos Anastasiadis. It was made clear that Özersay met with Anastasiadis without informing Mustafa Akıncı and that this was confirmed by Ersin Tatar.


The statement is as follows:

“There have been claims in the media today that deputy prime minister and foreign minister Kudret Özersay had met with Greek leader Nikos Anastasiadis some time ago. Our president who was non-respondent to the questions regarding the topic called Ersin Tatar via telephone and asked for an explanation regarding the topic. The Prime Minister has confirmed that such a meeting took place. The fact that no information was given to our president before or after the meeting by the Foreign Minister, is against government traditions and seriousness. Additionally, it does not consort with political ethical values. President Mustafa Akıncı informs all governmental institutions regarding all official or unofficial meetings he has with the Greek leadership or any other interlocutors in the framework of the Cypriot Problem. The Foreign Minister who has made it an attitude not to inform our President regarding his communications, this unacceptable stance of the Foreign Minister is upsetting”.



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