New Navtex by Turkey

It has been reported that Turkey has connected a large part of the “Exclusive Economic Zone” of the Republic of Cyprus with Navtex, one day before the 15th of August which is a day where Orthodox Christians celebrate the rise of the Virgin Mary to heaven.


Fileletheros brought attention to Turkey bringing a Navtex system to the area while the Fatih and Yavuz drilling ships were continuing their activities and that this was done right after the Republic of Turkey Minister responsible for National Defence Hulusi Akar “escalated their threat” by saying Blue Nation.

The newspaper also pointed at the words of Hulusi Akar and him saying that “no one should test our power” and brought attention to the Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Militiadis Varbitsiotis responding by saying that they will not allow anyone to question their sovereign rights.

The newspaper also finished off by saying that – “Turkey is trying to show that they fully support their activity they have started at the Eastern Mediterranean and at the “ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)” with their Bayraktar Type Aircraft belonging to the Turkish Naval Forces making inspections by flying over the Fatih and Yavuz drilling ships and by emptying their armoury”.



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