May has announced her resignation date

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her resignation date as the 7th of June due to the criticisms she received for her compromises towards the opposition for the acceptance of the Brexit agreement in the parliament in England.

Theresa May has announced her date for resignation after the English Conservative Parties’ “1922 committee” meeting which has the authority to “assign and dismiss prime ministers”.

In her resignation statement May said that, “It is clear that for the benefit of the nation another prime minister must overlook the Brexit process. Because of this reason I am announcing my resignation from leader of the Conservative Party on 7th of June”.

The person who will replace Prime Minister Theresa May will be clear after a 6-week process.

May who is preparing to present the Brexit agreement to the parliament for the fourth time, has caused for a negative response (revolt) from her party due to the compromises she has shown to the opposition to gain their support.

The possibility of a second referendum for Prime Minister Theresa May and her constant agenda for organizing a close trade with the European Union has brought resignations from the cabinet with them.


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