Massive sea practice from Turkey in the shadow of the tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean

While tensions are rising in the Eastern Mediterranean over the natural gas search activities, the Turkish Armed Forces has started a massive practice which encapsulates all of Turkeys seas.

“Denizkurdu-2019” which is commanded by the Turkish Naval Forces and the Sea War Center, has begun in the 3 seas which surround Anatolia with the addition of 131 ships, 57 planes and 33 helicopters. In addition, 25 thousand 900 personnel also are a part of the practice. The practice is taking place in the scope of the annual practice program of the head of the general staff.

The practice began at 08:00 with the raising of the flag of the Turkish Republic at the Gölcük Sea Main Base command point and is one the biggest planned practices that was organized at the same time.

5 frigates, 2 corvettes and 4 assault boats left said base to join the practice.

The practice included many types of war practices such as underwater defense war, air defense war and saving personnel underwater practice etc.

Further practices will be held between 17-21 May, the totality of the practices will end on the 25th of May.


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