‘If France and the European Union thinks it will scare us, they are deceived’

Vice-President Ersin Tatar stated that there is currently a national struggle in the Eastern Mediterranean that will effect Turkey and the North of Cyprus and said – “It is a condition to lay claim to the Blue homeland. Both us and Turkey are determined regarding this. Or else we are shutting our eyes to someone stealing our rights and tarnishing our future”.

Vice-President Ersin Tatar in a written statement he gave via the Presidency’s Office of Press and Public Relations assessed the news of – “the Greek Vice-President Tsipras and French President Macron will ask for an imposition of a sanction on Turkey from the European Union due to the drilling ship Fatih which is located in the Eastern Mediterranean for the rights of Turkish Cypriots and Turkey”.

Vice-President Tatar said that – “Greece is the nation which started a war in Cyprus, opened the path to the slaughtering of Turkish Cypriots and for our babies and women to be buried into mass graves due to her dreams of ‘Enosis’. The head culprit of the Cypriot Problem can now gain nothing from lashing to Turkey as if ‘the stern thief kicking out the homeowner’.

Vice-President Ersin Tatar, while criticizing France said the following:

“The President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan comforted the hearts of Turkish Cypriots by once again stating what we have been stating for all these years. Turkey is a riparian state to the Eastern Mediterranean. It is a guarantor of Cyprus just like England and Greece. So, what is France? What is she doing in Cyprus?”.

Vice-President Ersin Tatar, brought attention to the fact that the European Union never kept a promise that it gave to Turkish Cypriots and that they saw a policy of being “Greek Prejudiced” as a dexterity and stated the following:

“An interest fight which has not been seen much in the history of the Middle East is going on in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus is dreaming that it will extort our rights and Turkeys in the Eastern Mediterranean by acting as working together with some countries. Due to this interest fight some international organizations, United Nations and EU who are acting civilized, despite knowing the truth in Cyprus and the Greek Intransigence, are not stating the truth and are not inviting the Greek side to the correct path.

Turkey protecting both her rights and ours in the framework of the blue homeland, and for her continued security of our goods and life as a guarantor state, is great luck for Turkish Cypriots and is a relationship that must be protected.

In short, there is a national struggle to protect the rights of Turkey and the TRNC in the Easter Mediterranean and it is a condition to lay claim to the blue homeland. Both us and Turkey are determined in this. Or else we are shutting our eyes to someone stealing our rights and tarnishing our future.

If France and the European Union thinks that it will scare and downgrade us, by ignoring the rights of Turkey and Turkish Cypriots, by threatening, by making decisions which are illogical and against international law and conventions, then they are deceived”.



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