For the first time in years the Wall Creeper bird has been seen in the North of Cyprus

The small but magnificent wall creeper breeds in mountainous regions of southern Europe and Asia.

It is scarcely seen in Cyprus during winter when it escapes freezing
temperatures in its narrow breeding range in Turkey. And in recent decades it has
only been observed in the south. In fact, the last observation of wallcreeper in the
Five Finger Mountains was near Kantara Castle in October 2002 by Karen Flint and
her husband Peter, one of the most experienced ornithologists to have worked on the
island and a former KUŞKOR committee member.

Since then KUŞKOR members have made considerable efforts to locate wallcreeper
in North Cyprus during winter, even arranging winter mountain field expeditions
specifically in pursuit of the bird. How ironic then that on 9th of January 2019 a
wallcreeper was photographed by amataur photographer Daniel Ghetu on rocky
walls of Kozanköy. Daniel did not realise the significance of his records and beautiful
images until he shared his photo with his bird photographer friend Kenan Hürdeniz
months after he saw it. Of course, experienced birder Kenan knew the bird
immediately when Daniel sought his opinion on it, and submitted the record to

We were so pleased and excited that we wanted to announce the bird in recognition
of Kenan and Daniel. Since wintering wall creepers visit the same location in
subsequent winters there is hope that it might be seen again in the coming winter.
KUŞKOR moderate a facebook group for recording birds in TRNC. We encourage
the public to submit their sightings to the group or via email to [email protected]
Significant records are published at our webpage (link/sightngs) and twice per year in
the journal of the Ornithological Society in the Middle East, Sandgrouse.


North Cyprus Society for the Protection of Birds and Nature


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