For the first time ever, a Turkish Cypriot will be part of the EP

The results for the elections that took place in the south of Cyprus for the European Members of Parliament have been announced.

According to Greek news sources, Leftheris Hristoforu and Lukas Furlas of DISI, Niyazi Kızılyürek and Yorgos Georgiu of AKEL, Kostas Mavridis of DIKO, Dimitris Papadakis of EDEK were elected.

According to official results, in the EP elections which took place yesterday, DISI received 29.02% of the votes, AKEL received 27.49%, DIKO 13.8%, EDEK 10.58%, ELAM 8.25%, DIPA 3.8%, The Citizens’ Alliance and Ecologists 3.3%, Yasemin Hareketi (Yasemin Movement) 1.70%, and finally the Animal Rights party received 0.79% of the votes.

In the elections which approximately 6 thousand Turkish Cypriot voted in, academic Niyazi Kızılyürek who is part of the winners will be the first Turkish Cypriot in the EP


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