Fire at the firing range!

It has been reported that two fires broke out with unknown sources in two different areas at the Beyköy firing range.

In the statement made by the police, the first of the fires which broke out around the hours of 11:30 at an 80-acre area at the firing range in Beyköy damaged half an acre of unharvested barley, 15 roll bales, dry herbs and the marquis shrubland.

In the second fire which broke out at the north of the firing range under the Alevkayası road, a 20-acre field and the pine trees inside it, a marquis shrubland and dry herbs were all burnt.

Firefighters, civil defense squads from the Ministry responsible for Forests, the local community and tanks which belonged to the local municipality all aided against the fire. The fire is under control and cooling work is ongoing.


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