Dog shelter in Baf (Paphos) set on fire!

It has been reported that yesterday in the south of Cyprus, a dog shelter at Baf (Paphos) was set on fire by unidentified people.

The Animal Party (Κόμμα για τα Ζώα Κύπρου) in the south of Cyprus gave a statement after the incident. The Party authorities said that the shelter had inside many unclaimed dogs and that they appealed to the police to find the people that did this act.

A call was made to the public

After the upsetting incident the Animal Party Cyprus authorities made a call to the public and it was made known that those who wish can keep the animals from the shelter as guests throughout the reconstruction process of the shelter.

No lives were lost

According to the information taken, due to the quick intervention to the incident, no animal lost their life. After the upsetting incident, the fact that no dog lost his/her life at least put some smiles on faces.


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