‘Divinity College should be closed’

The Left Movement (Sol Hareket), has requested the cancelation of the memorandum of understanding signed by the authorities in the north of Cyprus and the Turkish Ministry of Education and has additionally requested the closing of the Sultan Divinity College.

Abdullah Korkmazhan, who gave a statement representing the Left Movement (Sol Hareket), said that it was foreseen that the memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Turkish Ministry of Education in order to improve upon the education quality; for a coordinator to be assigned to the Hala Sultan Divinity College from Turkey; for the College to be given to Turkey and for the opening of a Divinity Anatolian High School under the same roof.

Korkmazhan, said that unlike the claim that the memorandum of understanding protocol would aid in the improvement of education, it will instead open the way for bigotry and becoming a province and with this reason they are intensely protesting the UBP-HP government.

Korkmazhan also claimed that the Hala Sultan Divinity College, is an important step for the Justice and Progress Parties’ policy to “make sovereign the lifestyle of religious bigotry and Sünni İslam in Cyprus and to destroy the Turkish Cypriots’ secular, democratic and modern lifestyle”.

Korkmazhan said that there are many “Reactionist Associations and Cults” in the country and that there are Kuran courses in every corner and requested the closing of the Hala Sultan Divinity College; the cancellation of the Protocol and the Çanakkale camp; a struggle against bigotry and cults; and to make the understanding of secularism, scientific and democratic education dominant as foreseen by the constitution.


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