Cooling work is ongoing for the fire at Limassol

While the cooling work is ongoing at the Malla, Pasha, Kissousa and Vouni areas which are linked to Limassol, it has been made clear that the fire will be completely extinguished by the evening.

In the statement he gave today to the Cyprus News Agency, Deputy Fire Marshall Leonidas Leonidou said that he hopes the fire at the Malla, Pasha, Kissousa and Vouni areas will be completely extinguished throughout the day.

Leonidou, explained that wide-ranged work is taking place at the area in order to confirm no fires have re-emerged since last night and that work will continue today as well in order to completely extinguish the fire.

Leonidou, reiterated that if no fires re-emerge in the areas, they will be able to say that the fire has been fully extinguished.


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