“At this point, Turkey will protect her legal rights and benefits”

Turkish Minister of Defence Hulusi Akar stated that Turkey, as a guarantor state, will also be protecting the rights of the north of Cyprus. Akar – “The TRNC cannot be left out of the energy equation at the Eastern Mediterranean”.

According to AA, Akar partook in a forum known as “Ateş Hattında NATO: Yeni Güvenlik Tehditleri / NATO In The Line Of Fire: New Security Threats” at TRT World Forum, and stated that Naval Forces of Turkey have been active at the Mediterranean since 2016 as a shield, and to provide naval security at the Eastern Mediterranean. Akar – “The interest of international actors at the area has increased due to the Hydrocarbon resources at the area. At this point, Turkey will protect her legal rights and benefits. At the same time, she will also protect her continental shelf”.

Akar also stated that the US and Turkey have an unbreakable bond, that “we are hoping with this operation and with the vision of President Erdoğan, we will bring peace to the area. Our alliance with the United Stated will continue”.



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