75 organizations have promised: We will do everything for peace

Bi-Communal Peace Initiative Unified Cyprus organized a press conference at the Lefkoşa (Nicosia) buffer zone and promised that they will do everything they can for the residents of the island to live peacefully together.

The Bi-Communal Peace Initiative organized a press conference at the Home For Cooperation at the buffer zone together with 75 supporting organizations and political party representatives.

At a time when:

The negotiations for the Solution of the Cyprus problem face an insurmountable impasse
The tension in the Cyprus EEZ is rising with unpredictable consequences
The political will to walk the last mile for the Solution of the Cyprus Problem appears non existent
Negative steps, such as the settlement of the closed city of Famagusta, are being put on the agenda
Nationalist rhetoric from both sides is on the rise particularly at this period of the year

We, the common people of this island from all walks of life, people who have suffered all these years, whether through the loss of lives of loved ones, through suffering at times of conflict and war, through forced displacement or loss of property, share one common vision: that of a reunited, peaceful common homeland.

We stand together to remember the innocent victims from both sides and to pledge that we shall do everything possible to reestablish peace and peaceful coexistence of the two communities and all its inhabitants on this island.

We stand together to declare that nationalism and the return to violence shall not prevail!

We stand together in calling upon the UN Secretary General Mr Antonio Guterres to immediately reconvene the International conference on Cyprus in parallel with Intercommunal Talks on the basis of the framework he had proposed at Crans Montana with no preconditions by any side.



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