‘We are determined to defend your rights up until the end’

Turkish Minister responsible for Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez explained that they didn’t meet with those residing in Cyprus first in 1974, that the affinity and friendship dates to 1571.

Dönmez who was in the north of Cyprus for political affairs, attended an event at the Değirmenlik (Kythrea) village and came together with citizens. The event was also attended by Turkish Ambassador in the north of Cyprus (Nicosia) Ali Murat Başçeri and by Hasan Taçoy.

In his speech during the event, Dönmez explained that he met with Mustafa Akıncı and Ersin Tatar and that he also had an assessment meeting with Hasan Taçoy which also included Tatar as well.

Dönmez added by expressing the importance of the north of Cyprus to Turkey and said that the futures of Turkey and the north of Cyprus are aligned and that they (the people) should not worry, that Turkey will continue to protect their rights and benefits and that they are determined to do so.

Dönmez further expressed that the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean has also become a national problem which is not only the concern of the north of Cyprus, but the 80 million people who also reside in Turkey.

He finished off by expressing that sustaining peace is equally as hard and that Turkish Cypriots have struggled a lot for peace. Dönmez expressed that he hopes that this population never relives those days and express that as Turkey they will continue to be by the side of the north of Cyprus in this ongoing struggle.


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